Amanda Roig-Marín

Amanda Roig-Marín is a lecturer at the University of Alicante, Spain, where she teaches History of English and Medieval English Literature. She is primarily interested in how historical multilingualism manifests itself in both literary and non-literary texts and in the study of the effects of language contact on vocabulary. Her research has appeared in such journals as Studia Neophilologica, Neophilologus, Notes & Queries, and more recently, English Language and Linguistics.

Latest publications

2021. The French-origin definite article ly in English records. Notes and Queries.
2021. Old Norse-derived lexis in multilingual accounts: a case study. English Language and Linguistics.
2021. Northern Middle English spelling evidence in the Durham Account Rolls. Lingua 253, 1-19.
2021. Middle Dutch-origin lexis in the Durham Account Rolls: the Cinderella of medieval multilingual texts. Studia Neophilologica 93(1), 92-106.
2021. Multi-word vernacular formations in the multilingual Durham Account Rolls. Neophilologus 105(2), 289-303.
2021. On the Latin-Romance continuum in the Durham Account Rolls. Zeitschrift für Romanische Philologie 137(2), 319-343.
2021. The Durham Account Rolls vocabulary as evidence of trade relations in late medieval England. Nordic Journal of English Studies 20(1), 81-102.
2019. Towards a Multilingual Approach to the History of English. Atlantis 41(1), 185-194.
2019. Medieval Latin, Middle English, or Anglo-Norman?: Lexical choice in the Accounts and Inventories from the Monastic House of Jarrow. Neophilologus 103(2), 239-254.
2018. When the vernaculars (Anglo-Norman and Middle English) and Medieval Latin fuse into a functional variety: evidence from the administrative realm. Studia Neophilologica 90(2), 176-194.
2018. On Middle English Spanysyren’. Notes and Queries, 65(4), 480-482.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]