Recent Publications

Book Chapters

• Kerslake, Lorraine «Of Mice, Rabbits and Other Companion Species in Beatrix Potter`s More than Human World» en «Reading Cats and Dogs: Companion Animals in World Literature», ISBN: 978–1–7936–1106–2, Lexington Books, pp. 79–93, (2021)
• Perni, Remedios, “Prólogo” en “Lexicón para el anàlisis cultural” de Mieke Bal, ISBN: 978-84-460-5046-9, Madrid, Akal (2021)
• Sánchez–Martí, Jordi «Noise, Sound and Silence in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight» en «Medieval Romance, Arthurian Literature: Essays in Honour of Elizabeth Archibald», ISBN: 9781843846161, Cambridge, Boydell & Brewer Ltd, (2021)
• Sánchez–Martí, Jordi «The Publication of Chivalric Romances in England, 1570–1603» en «Iberian Chivalric Romance: Translations and Cultural Transmission in Early Modern England», ISBN: 9781487508814, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, pp. 21–47, (2021)

Journal Articles

  • Alvarez-Amorós, José Antonio,“The Emergence of Mind in Henry James s Notebook Material: The Case of the Tales.» English Text Construction 14.1: 68-93, (2021)
  • Alvarez-Amorós, José Antonio,“Overt Unreliability and the Metarepresentational Frame: On the Limits of Henry James’s Unreliable Narration.” Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 46.2: 71-97, (2021)
  • Alvarez-Amorós, José Antonio,»Revisiting Third-Person Narrative Unreliability: Wayne C. Booth and the Bases for an Inclusive Approach to Unreliable Narration.  Poetica 52: 361-386, (2021)
  • Caporale Bizzini, Silvia «Marginalia as Narratives of Ordinary Lives: Shaughnessy Bishop– Stall’s Down to This» , The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, vol. 56, pp. 431–443, (2021)
  • Kerslake, Lorraine, «Reading The Iron Woman in Times of Crisis as a Tale of Hope» , Children’s Literature in Education, (2021)
  • Prieto, Sara «Edgar Allan Poe: La máscara de la muerte roja (edición)» , Metodologías Humanísticas en la Era Digital , vol. 4, pp. 251–259, (2021)
  • Roig–Marín, A. «Northern Middle English spelling evidence in the Durham Account Rolls» , Lingua , vol. 253, pp. 1–19, (2021)
  • Roig–Marín, A. «Multi–word vernacular formations in the multilingual Durham Account Rolls» , Neophilologus: An international journal of modern and mediaeval language and literature , vol. 105, pp. 289–303, (2021)
  • Roig–Marín, A. «The Durham Account Rolls vocabulary as evidence of trade relations in late medieval England» , NJES – Nordic Journal of English Studies (Online) , vol. 20, pp. 81–102, (2021)
  • Roig–Marín, A. «The French–origin definite article ly in English records» , Notes and Queries (2021)
  • Roig–Marín, A. «Middle Dutch–origin lexis in the Durham Account Rolls: the Cinderella of medieval multilingual texts», Studia Neophilologica, vol. 93, pp. 92–106, (2021)
  • Roig–Marín, A. «Old Norse–derived lexis in multilingual accounts: a case study» , English Language and Linguistics, pp. 1–26, (2021)
  • Roig–Marín, A. «On the Latin–Romance continuum in the Durham Account Rolls», Zeitschrift für Romanische Philologie, vol. 137, pp. 319–343, (2021)



• Bal, Mieke. Lexicón para el análisis cultural. Translation by Remedios Perni, ISBN: 978-84-460-5046-9, Madrid, Akal, (2021)