José Antonio Álvarez Amorós

José A. Álvarez-Amorós is Professor of English Literature and Criticism at the University of Alicante (Spain), a position he formerly held at the University of Corunna (Spain) from 1995 to 1999. He now teaches history of English and American criticism and post-graduate courses in literary theory and narrative analysis. His essays on diverse aspects of Anglo-American literature and criticism have appeared in Style, Comparative Literature, Language Forum, Studia Neophilologica, Studies in Short Fiction, Journal of Narrative Theory, English Studies (Nijmegen), Textual Practice, Orbis Litterarum, Journal of Literary Semantics, English Text Construction, Arbeiten aus Anglistik un Amerikanistik, Poetica, several Spanish journals, Festschriften, and a wide variety of collective works. He has also authored two books, En torno al discurso narrativo de Dubliners (1986) and Ulysses como paradigma de intertextualidad (1990), in which he deployed the classical narratological instruments then in vogue to account for some of Joyce’s compositional peculiarities, and coauthored a third one, Teoría literaria y enseñanza de la literatura in Editorial Ariel (2004). Besides, he is a founding member of the Spanish James Joyce Society and sits on the Editorial and Advisory Board of Studies in English Language and Linguistics, Journal of English Studies, and Estudios Ingleses de la Universidad Complutense, having served as Assistant to the Editor for the International Journal of English Studies until 2013. He has edited Atlantis (2002-2005), the journal of the Spanish Association for Anglo-American Studies (AEDEAN), and coedited the Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses (1988-1995) and Papers on Joyce (1995-2000). Regarding administrative service, he has been the Head of the Department of English at the University of Alicante (2009-2013), a responsibility he also discharged at the University of Corunna between 1996 and 1999. In 2017 and 2018, respectively, he was a Visiting Scholar at Project Narrative of Ohio State University and at the Department of English of the State University of New York at Albany. During his Ohio State visit he was a Fulbright Scholar of the US Department of State. Currently he is a Visiting Professor at the University of California, Berkeley.


A selection of publications in periodicals

1990 — “Temporality and Narrative Rhythm in Dubliners.” Anglo-American Studies 10.1-2: 69-77.

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2021 — “The Emergence of Mind in Henry James s Notebook Material: The Case of the Tales.»  English Text Construction 14.1: 68-93.

2021 — “Overt Unreliability and the Metarepresentational Frame: On the Limits of Henry James’s Unreliable Narration.” Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 46.2: 71-97.

2021 — «Revisiting  Third-Person  Narrative Unreliability: Wayne C. Booth and the Bases for an Inclusive Approach to Unreliable Narration.  Poetica 52: 361-386.

2024 — “Narrativity and Cognition: Early Mind-Driven Plots in Henry James’s Notebook Synopses.” College Literature 51.2.

A selection of book chapters

1990 — “Aspectos de la interacción textual en The Waste Land.” [“Aspects of Textual Interaction in The Waste Land.”] Estudios de filología inglesa: homenaje al doctor Pedro Jesús Marcos Pérez. [Studies in English Philology A Festschrift for Dr. Pedro Jesús Marcos Pérez.] Ed. Félix Rodríguez, et al. Alicante: Publicaciones del Departamento de Filología Inglesa. 317-37.

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1998 — “Del vanguardismo a la segunda guerra mundial, 1910-1945.” [“From Modernism to the Second World War, 1910-1945.”] Historia crítica de la novela inglesa. [A Critical History of the English Novel.] Ed. José Antonio Álvarez Amorós. Salamanca: Ediciones Colegio de España. 193-253.

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2004 — “Crítica y superación de la especificidad literaria.” [“Criticism and Supersession of Literary Specificity.”] Teoría literaria y enseñanza de la literatura. [Literary Theory and the Teaching of Literature.] Ed. José Antonio Álvarez Amorós. Barcelona: Editorial Ariel. 13-62.

2007 — “Reaching Out for Fictional Reality: Para-Derridean Forms of Différance in Henry James’s ‘The Coxon Fund.’” Contemporary Debates on the Short Story. Ed. José R. Ibáñez, José Francisco Fernández y Carmen M. Bretones. Amsterdam: Peter Lang. 49-87.

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2010 — “Some Essentials of Inter-Genre Transposition: The Case of Henry James.” Los caminos de la lengua: estudios en homenaje a Enrique Alcaraz Varó. [The Ways of Language: A Festschrift for Enrique Alcaraz Varó.] Eds. J. L. Cifuentes, A. Gómez, A Lillo, J. Mateo, and F. Yus. Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alicante. [961]-971.

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Book-length monographs

1996 — En torno al discurso narrativo de Dubliners. [On the narrative discourse of Dubliners.] Alicante: Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alicante, 1986. 193 pp.

1991 — Ulysses como paradigma de intertextualidad: la hipótesis del narrador‑citador. [Ulysses as a Paradigm of Intertextuality: The Hypothesis of the Narrator-Quoter.] Madrid: Palas Atenea, 1991. 247 pp.