Recent Publications

Book Chapters

•Prieto García-Cañedo, Sara “Journalists” en «The Edinburgh Companion to First World War Periodicals» Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, (2023)

•Rodríguez Morales, Verónica and Prieto López, Paola “Black Women’s Health and Theatre: Staging Care in Mojisola Adebayo’s STARS and Zawe Ashton’s for all the women who thought they were Mad”,The Methuen Drama Handbook of Women in Contemporary British Theatre. Eds. Marissia Fragkou and Rebecca Benzie. London, Oxford, New York, Sydney and New Delhi: Bloomsbury Methuen Drama (Forthcoming)

•Rodríguez Morales, Verónica “Posh”, Cambridge Companion to British Playwriting since 1945. Eds. Vicky Angelaki and Dan Rebellato. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (Forthcoming)
•Rodríguez Morales, Verónica “The Uber-performing Uterus of Henrietta Lacks and Eve Ensler: Ecologies of the Womb in Mojisola Adebayo’s Family Tree and Eve Ensler’s In the Body of the World”, The Routledge Companion to Performance and Medicine. Eds. Alex Mermikides and Gianna Bouchard. New York and London: Routledge (2024)

•Rodríguez Morales, Verónica“Sexual and Gender-Based Violence on Female Bodies: Ecofeminism in Lucy Kirkwood’s Maryland (2021) and Ellie Kendrick’s and RashDash’s Hole (2018)”, The New Wave of British Women Playwrights: 2008 – 2021, Eds. Elisabeth Angel-Perez and Aloysia Rousseau. Berlin and Boston: De Gruyter, pp. 35-56 (2023)
•Rodríguez Morales, Verónica “Sickness: The Sick Body and Spectatorship: Thinking through Endometriosis”, Routledge Companion to Audience and the Performing Arts. Eds. Matthew Reason, Lynne Conner, Katya Johanson and Ben Walmsley. New York and London: Routledge, pp. 516-21 (2022)
•Rodríguez Morales, Verónica “Theatre of Migration: Uncontainment as Migratory Aesthetic”, Crisis, Representation and Resilience: Perspectives on Contemporary British Theatre. Eds. Clare Wallace, Clara Escoda, José Ramόn Prado-Pérez and Enric Monforte. London, Oxford, New York, Sydney and New Delhi: Bloomsbury Publishing, pp. 143-58 (2022)

• Kerslake, Lorraine «Of Mice, Rabbits and Other Companion Species in Beatrix Potter`s More than Human World» en «Reading Cats and Dogs: Companion Animals in World Literature», ISBN: 978–1–7936–1106–2, Lexington Books, pp. 79–93, (2021)
• Perni, Remedios, “Prólogo” en “Lexicón para el anàlisis cultural” de Mieke Bal, ISBN: 978-84-460-5046-9, Madrid, Akal (2021)
• Sánchez–Martí, Jordi «Noise, Sound and Silence in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight» en «Medieval Romance, Arthurian Literature: Essays in Honour of Elizabeth Archibald», ISBN: 9781843846161, Cambridge, Boydell & Brewer Ltd, (2021)
• Sánchez–Martí, Jordi «The Publication of Chivalric Romances in England, 1570–1603» en «Iberian Chivalric Romance: Translations and Cultural Transmission in Early Modern England», ISBN: 9781487508814, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, pp. 21–47, (2021)

Journal Articles

  • Alvarez-Amorós, José Antonio,“Narrativity and Cognition: Early Mind-Driven Plots in Henry James’s Notebook Synopses.” College Literature 51.2.(2024)
  • Alvarez-Amorós, José Antonio,“The Emergence of Mind in Henry James s Notebook Material: The Case of the Tales.» English Text Construction 14.1: 68-93, (2021)
  • Alvarez-Amorós, José Antonio,“Overt Unreliability and the Metarepresentational Frame: On the Limits of Henry James’s Unreliable Narration.” Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 46.2: 71-97, (2021)
  • Alvarez-Amorós, José Antonio,»Revisiting Third-Person Narrative Unreliability: Wayne C. Booth and the Bases for an Inclusive Approach to Unreliable Narration.  Poetica 52: 361-386, (2021)
  • Caporale Bizzini, Silvia «Marginalia as Narratives of Ordinary Lives: Shaughnessy Bishop– Stall’s Down to This» , The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, vol. 56, pp. 431–443, (2021)
  • Kerslake, Lorraine, «Reading The Iron Woman in Times of Crisis as a Tale of Hope» , Children’s Literature in Education, (2021)
  • Perni, Remedios,  “Avant-Garde Europe in War: Wyndham Lewis, the Vorticist Shakespeare and the Timon of Athens Portfolio.” Literatura: teoría, historia, crítica, Vol. 26, Nº 1 (2024)
  •  Prieto García-Cañedo, Sara, “Spain is a Contradiction”: Katharine Lee Bates’ Quest for Modernity in Spanish Highways and Byways, Women’s Writing (2023).
  • Prieto, Sara «Edgar Allan Poe: La máscara de la muerte roja (edición)» , Metodologías Humanísticas en la Era Digital , vol. 4, pp. 251–259, (2021)
  • Roig–Marín, A. «Northern Middle English spelling evidence in the Durham Account Rolls» , Lingua , vol. 253, pp. 1–19, (2021)
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  • Roig–Marín, A. «The French–origin definite article ly in English records» , Notes and Queries (2021)
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  • Roig–Marín, A. «Old Norse–derived lexis in multilingual accounts: a case study» , English Language and Linguistics, pp. 1–26, (2021)
  • Roig–Marín, A. «On the Latin–Romance continuum in the Durham Account Rolls», Zeitschrift für Romanische Philologie, vol. 137, pp. 319–343, (2021)



• Bal, Mieke. Lexicón para el análisis cultural. Translation by Remedios Perni, ISBN: 978-84-460-5046-9, Madrid, Akal, (2021)

• Galvá, Ana Isabel. Medium Philosophicum: para un pensamiento tecnológico del arte Translation by Remedios Perni. Murcia: Editum. (2022)

•  Showalter, Elaine. Ofelia: mujer, locura y responsabilidad de la crítica feminista.  Translation by Remedios Perni. Oviedo: Universidad de Oviedo & KRK. (2024, en prensa).